I am surprised that I have used many of these programs.  As I read through the list of tools I realized that many of them are currently on my phone or laptop.  There were about 40 programs that I had never heard of.  The tools that I have been using were some of the top 10 and have been really useful. Currently I am using Dropbox, Pinterest, Powerpoint, Microsoft Word, Moodle, Youtube, Twitter, Google Search, Facebook, Wikipedia, Skype,
I have enjoyed reading about all this technology that we can use in our careers. I especially like the programs that can help with time management.  As an athletic trainer, time management is essential.  I already use microsoft outlook and its calendar to utilize my time the best I can.  I also like blogging, I am really interested in figuring out a way that athletic trainers from all over can connect besides through the NATA.  It would be neat to have a place where I can find posts made by other ATCs regarding rehab exercises, injuries, etc.  I understand that there are journal articles that can be read to find this info, but I am interested i
Here is a video where I evaluated my husband's static posture.
Its amazing to see how much the internet has evolved.  Online classes are a great addition to the internet and have helped me balance the challenges of school and work. It was interesting to read how in so many years that half of all the classes will be taught through e-learning. 

I also found all the links on infographics interesting. I am not sure how I can use them yet, but I know in the future I can come up with

I enjoyed looking through all the programs and ways to be more productive. Currently I am using Microsoft Outlook to keep me on top of things.  After going through list, I am interested in Nozbe because it syncs your computer and phone.  I am currently also using Pandora, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Mapmyrun.  I am going to try the program suggested for bookmarking called Delicious.  I always bookmark because it is so much easier t look through bookmarks than to try and remember a website or recipe that I liked.
Learning through listening to podcasts is a great way to learn.  While reading through the articles I was surprised that ipods are viewed as learning tools.  I recall when I used to have Scott as an instructor that he was always into technology and how he could use it in class. One example is the IClick for in class quizzes; the class loved using them.  I too recall recording muscles and their insertion and origin and listening to them over and over as I commuted to and from school.  However, I would consider myself both a visual and auditory learner at the same time so I do not know how I would do if I had to listen to only podcasts to learn.  I do however feel like podcasts can be a
Things are definitely different since all of this technology took over.  I can recall when I first got my computer and internet service.  That was about 14 years ago.  My kids are definitely growing up in different times. This picture above can reminds me of  my youngest son and how he quickly learned how to explore the internet.  I agree that there are pros and cons to the ability to always be able to connect.  I for one can not imagine life without the internet eveenthough
Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can definitely make learning more fun!  I agree that professors and other educators can utilize the internet to get through to their students.  There are unlimited ideas and unexplored programs that teachers can use to get through to students.  Facebook can be an awesome tool to use for online discussions.  I have not had an instructor use this tool, but it would be pretty interstin
This is a picture of husband that I took with Funny.Pho.to.  I really like all the things I could do with this program.  It is very similar to instagram.