I amso excited because today is the last day of class.  My summer officially begins today.  I have almost two months of vacation before I am back in the athl
Statistical analysis can be used in the field of athletic training.  Currently our athletic training room uses Sportsware Online to store all of our injury reports, athlete info, insurance documents, as well as rehabilitation notes.  There is an option in the program where a statistic printout could be generated.  For example if we wanted to look at all the inversion ankle sprains we had last year among the track team, we could.  This type of statistics could help us target a sports team or gender group if we noiced a
I believe technology based professional networking offers a better way to get to know a potential employee.  Before technology based networking, I believe other types of networking did not offer as many opportunities.  Networking with out technology does not offer as many opportunities to meet other people.  The internet allows people to meet at the click of a button.  I




Besides using wikipedia for general information (not as a professional source, of course) I never realized why it was not to be used as a credible source.  I now realize after reading the articles that anyone can post info onto a wiki.  I love how wikis can be used as a document to gather information.  For example I often receive invitations to social gatherings where we are all take a food item.  I now realize how much help using a wiki could have offered.  Unlike using email, a wiki allows anyone in the group to continuously update it.  This offers a neater more efficient way to
After searching around for a survey generator, I decided to use SurveyMonkey.  I created a survey with a few general questions, just to find out things we have in common. 
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I think that a PWP can definitely represent a person well.  I think it is essential to include many aspects of a persons life, not just the professional side.  I think that a PWP should try to represent a person when the person themself is not available to represent them self.  I think that a resume should definitely be on a PWP.  A PWP should include a person's philosophy on life or their career.  The PWP should include the way a person spend their days outside of work.  Because people have many aspects of their life, a PWP should
After creating my own LinkedIn profile I instantly understood why it is so popular.  I differs from other soacial networks in many ways.  This is a professional social network that enables you create an online resume that everyone can see.  You can connect with everyone who is in the same profession as you instantly.  Like Facebook suggestions for connections are made and you can choose to connect with them.  One major difference that I noticed with LinkedIn was that you are able to view who looked at your profile.  I am not too fond of this difference because I do not want people to think I am a creeper even though this programis intended