The ability to surf the internet and search just about any question has enhanced my learning experiences.  I am pretty much addicted to it.  I cannot imagine my life without it, because it is so convenient.  I love investing time learning about functional movement.  I love to go onto Youtube and the NSCA website and learn more about proper form of power lifts and Olympic lifts.  I also love to learn about nutrition and new recipes on the Whole30 website.  I do get distracted as well.  Currently I spend a little too much time on Instagram and Pinterest.  Overall the internet and its accessibility is a plus.

Nikki Schrey
05/17/2013 1:11pm

I was reading this post and noticed you mentioned a website related to nutrition (Whole30) that I have never visited before. I am now pretty excited about checking it out. I am also a big fan of using the internet for nutrition and new recipes. There are so many awesome health and fitness sites and the fact that the internet is the tool that allows us to enhance our knowledge in these areas is a remarkable thing. You also mention that you could not imagine your life without the internet. In todays society we are absolutely dependent on it. It has its pros and cons but as you said, it's easily accessible and for that reason I too can't imagine life without it.


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