So I am not a blogger, but I suppose I can get used to this.  This website will be used as my personal web presence.  I have used Facebook and Myspace in the past, but I currently use Instagram most.  I have never really searched for a person's personal web presence (PWP) before to learn more about them.  Currently I am really interested in functional movement because of my training as well as my profession.  I decided to look up Gray Cook, since he is an FMS expert.  His PWP is more professional than personal.  I like how he has plenty of videos to watch as well as a page dedicated to the book he has on his bookshelf.  I would like to see a page dedicated to displaying a little more about his personal life.  His PWP taught me to add a little more professionalism to my PWP, because I naturally want to show more of my personal side. 

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