I have taken the strength assessment that Marcus Buckingham endorses called Strength finders 2.0. My areas of strength are empathy, connectedness, includer, consistent, and developer.  I have realized that I can easily sense what others are feeling; I always assumed that everyone had the ability to do this.  I lose track of time when I have deep conversations with people, when they speak of their life and what's going on it. I also love making connections.  Whether its with other people or within my profession.   Every week  my coworkers and I have professional development meetings with a local DPT.  At these meetings he teaches us how to evaluate low back pain and he teaches how to properly break down body movements and how to identify maladaptive movements.  In these meetings, I experience so many "aha" moments an I feel powerful. 
One area where I feel like I am weak is my ability to be creative.  For so long I felt like this was a weakness that I could improve in, but after reading Marcus's book I have learned that I need to focus on my strengths and only work on weakn

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